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Choosing an online casino gambling site can be hard for people. There are many sites available for betting but only a few sites are available for casino betting in India, Casino betting in India you can choose online and play from anywhere with your smartphone and from your desktop.

If you want to place a bet on an online casino and looking for the best casino betting site in India then you can try livebid and narayantips.

When we say that these are the best casino betting site, we mean it. These sites are based on extensive research and thorough testing that is carried out by our resident experts in online gambling.

Our researchers have years of experience in casino betting. They know what user wants in a betting site that provides a safe online gambling experience as well as an enjoyable one.

For more info, you must read our blog. In this blog section, we provide you some important information about the history of casino game in India; the advantage of online casino, laws, and regulations of online casino games, right casino betting application for playing casino games, casino gambling rules, casino betting guide for beginners, and finally know how to play casino games online? So, what you think starts reading and then after place a bet in Livebid casino games.

Online Casino Betting in India

Casino betting begins at the age of the Mahabharata. When Shakuni Mama plays a game with Yudhishthira. Since casino betting become most popular and now there are various betting sites are available for casinos. Every Indian player who love a casino that needs for playing a casino game. Finding the best online casino in Indian rupees is some time in trouble but, an Indian gambling site for the casino is narayantips and livebid in the top range of list of casino betting. If you do lots of research then you definitely find online casino betting in India.

The online casino betting site in India is narayantips and livebid.

History of Online Casino in India:

Gambling in India should be fun! Casino gambling has the most existed history in India: from Ramayana & Mahabharata started in 7300’s BC and some of the epic external were found in 430BC. In India betting and gambling play citizens according to his/her skills under the Public Gambling Act 1867.

The casino includes various games and in India there are 15 legal casinos in a few states for playing online casino games and across 8 cities in India. Name of legal casinos in India is poker, slots machine, and many other games.

Now after knowing the history of casino then come to the next point:-

Online Gambling in India:

The casino is simply a game of chance and casino is an Italian word meaning “little home”, casino games involve gambling that has been popular since many times. The casino is seemed both appropriate and accurate and players feel right at home at gambling establishments.

Online casino betting is very popular betting and First developed in 1994 and now there are many sites are available.

Did you know: Online casino gambling (betting) is in its infancy in India.

How to bet on Casino Games Online?

Its is very necessary to know how to play casino game online . some of the following steps are must to follow:-

#1 Choose best casino betting site in India

If you want to bet on online casino games then first choose a good casino betting site where you want to play casino game live and where all types of casino games are available. Make sure that before selecting any betting site you much have to check that betting site is secure or not ? licensed or not? Also, check a reliable, enjoyable, and reputated site for casino betting in India.

#2 Register an account

Next step is to register an account and register at narayantips or livebid. To register an account some Some of the information required for sign up casino betting website in India. Like - User name, Email ID, Mobile number, Password, PAN details, and profile picture of a user, etc...

After register verify your phone number.

#3 Choose Your Payment Deposit Method and Offers

If you choose Livebid or narayantips then there are many of the payment methods for deposit at a platform like - PayTMGoogle Pay, PhonePay, Netteller, Skrill, Bitcoin, And Internet Banking (IMPS), etc...

#4 Choose Your Casino Game

As we earlier define you that casino includes various games and it depends on you what you like most. At livebid there are all types of casino games are available and the select game and use betting odds of the casino games and casino betting strategy for playing casino games.

Here is the list of casino games in India:-

  • Poker (Best rated casino game in India)
  • Rummy(Bookmakers favorite casino game)
  • Teenpatti (VIP players play casino in India)
  • Blackjack (Top-rated Gambling in casino game)
  • Baccarat (Top selection casino game for beginners)
  • Roulette (Best mobile casino game)
  • Ludo (Best Bonus in casino game)
  • Bingo (Chance of winning a game in the casino)
  • Slot Machine (Best video casino game in 3D)

#5 Learn Casino Betting strategy

Casino strategy is very important for any of the online casino Indian games, because when you start a live casino game then all of the winning points in your hand and guidance is necessary for casino betting so you can take from here:-casino betting tips


At this platform, you must have found the idea of how to choose the best casino site online in India. And how to place bet on casinos, the history of casinos in India, and many more things.

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