Best Betting Exchange Site in India


A betting exchange market is a must-have in 2020. They offer a wide range of advantage including lay betting, great value odds, and many more advantage that betting exchange provide.

Now from onlinebettingsiteinindia check out some of the best betting exchange sites in India

Best Betting Exchanges Sites are:-


  • Cover a variety of  markets
  • Great and high odds value
  • World’s biggest exchange


  • Low commission rate
  • Decent value odds
  • Brilliant trading graphs

Before choosing your favorite betting exchange site in India, it’s important to consider what you exactly want in betting. The betting exchanges have their own advantage and disadvantage and the best betting exchange is very subjective so they depend on you.

What is a Betting Exchange?

For those who are confused here is a short description about betting exchange-

“Betting exchange is an online platform where gamblers place opposite bets”.

Here on the betting exchange you can buy or sell bets and that allows you to play the part of a traditional bookmaker. These platforms are essentially eBay for the betting market.  At betting exchange to match bet there will be need of two parties  .one party is seeking final results and another one is seeking to wager the opposite.

A betting exchange allows you to bet on events by backing a laying, for example, there are two team -TeamA and Team B if Team A wants to back Chelsea to beat Leicester City, punter B can bet the opposite and back Chelsea NOT to win. This is called a lay betting.

Another betting is match betting in which You can minimize your risk of loss. While onlinebettingsiteinindia is one of the most popular betting exchange in India, and most promising betting exchanges have gained increasing liquidity over time.

These two terms backing and laying on a betting exchange determines the odds on offer for a particular bet. The backing is the liquidity is for a certain betting market, the more competitive the odds become. Fir Betting exchange every site charge a commission rate on winning bets and they allow customers to create and build on betting markets.

Now come to next what is backing and laying and matched betting? Here is all you need to know:


A Backing is a final result and the manner that you again selected final results to bring about a win. For example, In case you are making a bet on team1  to win towards team b, in a league, your located guess might be countered via way of means of some other client who's punting on team 1 l to now no longer win the match.


Lay betting is an option on exchanges where bettors can play the bookmaker, offering odds to sell a bet instead of to back a bet. The backing is one component of matched betting where punters both back and sell bets on the same game to guarantee to win.

Matched Betting

Matched Betting is a technique that mathematically guarantees a profit from free bet promotions offered by betting companies and it involves placing multiple bets to cover all the outcomes of a match and ensure a risk-free approach, using Free Bet promotions and bookmaker incentives. 

How did a betting exchange work?

In betting everybody wants to make money so it is one of the important things variations among making a betting exchange and a conventional bookmaker. A betting exchange charges money on a commission basis. As we’ll have a take a lookout, Commission from these levels from 2%-5% depending on which betting exchange site you use because every exchange betting site has their own commission rates.

As you can see and you tried many sites that conventional bookmakers construct an earnings margin into the according to us narayantips and livebid is the best betting exchange sites in India.

Why use onlinebettingsiteinindia for Betting Exchange?

There are many reasons why you should use onlinebettingsiteinindia, that follow:-

  • Best odds are available
  • You can choose the odds according to you
  • You can bet whilst an event is in progress

Aspects of a great betting exchange

So what aspects make a great betting exchange?

There are many kinds of aspects to be considered while choosing the best betting exchange. Here are a number of the belongings you ought to endure in mind:

  • Range of markets
  • Commission rate
  • Amount of liquidity
  • Value of odds
  • Customer service
  • User experience
  • Reliability

Let’s check out each of these in more detail.

Range of markets

This is one of the most important aspects and components of the betting exchange. we all know that betting covers a huge market and there is a various range of markets are available to provide. Larger market lager betting options are an available and huge possibility for you to bet this happen only matched bettors out there.

The betting exchange needs a larger market and a variety of sports activities. Some having betting exchanges even provide markets on chess matches…

Out of the betting exchanges noted above, onlinebettingsiteinindia has the best variety of markets available. However, except you’re putting bets on uncommon markets, you won’t have a hassle with any of the top betting exchanges.

A correct rule of thumb, if onlinebettingsiteinindia doesn’t provide the marketplace you’re after, no one will.

Commission rate

The second aspect of betting exchange is commission. Every betting site charges commission for exchange.Every site charge a fee on prevailing bets as a substitute than constructing an income margin into the odds. And in case you lose bet then in a betting exchange, you don’t pay any fee.

Here are the modern commissions on the great having the best betting exchanges:

  • Livebid – 5% market base rate
  • Narayantips– 2%

Amount of liquidity

The next aspect to be considered in the mind is the quantity of liquidity at a betting exchange. “Liquidity means cash” and from the number of liquidity means - the amount of cash ready to be matched on a given marketplace and amount of liquidity is different.

In Betting Exchange the liquidity is £12595.

The better the liquidity the higher because it makes it less difficult to put your bets. The reputation of making a betting exchange at once ties into the quantity of liquidity in a marketplace. The extra famous the alternate is, the extra punters there are ready to put bets.

Having said that, you’re unlikely to have any problems with any of the betting exchanges mentioned above when it comes to liquidity.

Value of odds

Every betting sits is judge by their odds, bettors always looking for high add value sites and while choosing the best betting exchange site in India. The odds at an exchange are directly affected by the number of punters placing bets. So the more punters there are placing bets, the higher value odds you’ll receive.

Carrying on from the factor above, the percentages at a trade are without delay tormented by the number of punters putting bets. So the extra punters there are putting bets, the better cost odds you’ll receive.

Whilst odds are usually pretty comparable throughout the bulk of markets, it’s profitable checking for the excellent cost with the aid of using the usage of a system known as line shopping.

When compared to standard bookmakers, you’re probably to discover extra cost at betting exchanges because of how the systems work. They constantly provide the real marketplace.

Customer service

Customer service is the most essential part of every exchange betting site in India and everyone given first priority to those sites which has the best customer service. So At a few factors, you’re going to run a few problems. Whether it’s a dispute over winnings or questions to do with lay betting, you want to resolve any problems right away so that you can get returned to placing your bets.

In this scenario, the greater help alternatives a having betting exchange offer the better. FAQs, online chat and phone/email help are all capabilities a high-satisfactory having a bet alternate must offer and onlinebettingsiteinindia also offer.

User experience

The user experience of a betting exchange is another essential element to consider. The whole process from depositing price range into your account to putting lay bets ought to be smooth to do and absolutely strain-free. Markets and classes ought to be smooth to find whether or not you’re simply getting began out or you’re a seasoned pro.

With such a lot of punters putting bets at the circulate those days, it’s additionally essential that having betting exchanges paintings nicely on numerous gadgets and platforms.

In particular, exchanges need to work incredibly well on cellular gadgets. As you’d count on from the first-class having the best betting exchange sites, all of them provide great cellular packages making putting bets at the cross distinctly smooth.


Our very last attention with regards to selecting the best betting exchange is the reliability of the platform. It’s essential which you use reliable and truthful having betting exchanges.

When it involves delivering non-public details, you need to be100% positive you’re the use of a valid website. What’s extra you don’t need to area your bets most effective to discover they didn’t genuinely get regular at the trade.

All the betting exchanges in our listing use high-quality generation this is always up to date and maintained through super teams.


From the above-mentioned information you have now good knowledge of what is betting exchange?, how betting exchange works ?, why use onlinebettingsiteinindia for betting exchange ?, Aspects of great betting exchange and now you can choose which site to choose for best betting exchange in India.

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